The path to the right device

Decision support

Our skilled facilitators bring diverse teams together to answer strategic questions. We help you to share knowledge, agree objectives, and determine requirements, aspirations, scope and strategy.

Device selection

Our domain experts help you to scope the device landscape, identify and assess technologies to meet your needs. Gaining input on technical readiness, commercial fit and likely market acceptance.

Design research

Our design researchers use a variety of face to face and remote research tools to gather contextual information, gain rich market insights and get feedback on early ideas to inform and guide innovation.

Making the ‘right’ device a reality

But we don’t leave you there. Turning an idea into a reality in our industry takes more than tenacity. Once we’re confident you’re on the right path, we can support you throughout the development process, drawing on the expertise of our in-house technical teams to develop a fully industrialised,  market-ready solution.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might support you with front-end innovation activities.

Our capabilities

Strategic workshops

Design research

Competitor landscaping

Due diligence

Device selection

Technology scouting

Portfolio management

Innovation workshops

Re-styling / lifecycle extension

Packaging & Information design

Creative problem solving

Technical feasibility assessment

Rapid prototyping

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Math modelling

Software, hardware and mechanical design, development and test

Prototype development