Helping you get your next idea off the ground

Our brand of innovation:

Thinking differently

Our innovation specialists will inspire you to challenge your assumptions, look at problems from different angles, push the boundaries of your ideas and explore the whole opportunity space.

Facilitating mindsets

Whether the focus is strategic or creative, our expert facilitators bring together and tap into the different mindsets in our organisations – so that together we find a way forwards, create innovative solutions and collaborate effectively.

Reasons to believe

We help you assess the merits and feasibility of an idea or strategy. We know the medical device industry so can provide you with the evidence and confidence you need to move an idea forwards.


Turning an idea into an innovation

Turning an idea into reality takes more than tenacity. Our designers and engineers can rapidly bring an idea to life helping to explore the opportunities and feasibility, and providing the confidence and evidence you need to take it to the next level.

We don’t leave you at the concept phase –we can help you take your idea into a fully developed commercial solution by utilising the expertise of our technical teams to guide you through the product development process.

Our capabilities

Strategic workshops

Design research

Competitor landscaping

Due diligence

Device selection

Technology scouting

Portfolio management

Innovation workshops

Re-styling / lifecycle extension

Packaging & Information design

Creative problem solving

Technical feasibility assessment

Rapid prototyping

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Math modelling

Software, hardware and mechanical design, development and test

Prototype development