Our engineers will help you solve complex mechanical, electronics and software challenges to deliver capable and robust medical devices.

A proven range of skills for successful device development:


Our knowledge and experience, coupled with state of the art tools and techniques, equip us to develop reliable and robust medical devices that are safe and effective to use.

Electronics & software

Extensive capabilities in hardware and software design enable us to develop active, intelligent devices using a combination of classic ‘waterfall’ approaches and modern agile techniques.


Specialist expertise and proven methodologies help us to develop high value-added, high integrity systems across a range of healthcare industry sectors.

Our capabilities


Concept development

In-house rapid prototyping

Mathematical modelling

Simulation (FEA, CFD)

Tolerance analysis

Proof of principle prototyping

Jigs and fixtures

Engineering testing

Design for manufacture and assembly



Cybersecurity for medical devices (UL 2900, AAMI TIR57)

Embedded software development

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

Cloud integration

App development

Connected medical devices

Automated testing (continuous integration)

IEC 62304, IEC 82304

Agile development

Risk analysis (ISO 14971, IEC/TR 80002-1)


Medical electronics design

FPGA/CPLD design

IEC 60601

Schematic and PCB design

Prototype assembly

Prototype testing

Design for manufacture

Wearable electronics

Battery powered devices


Systems engineering

Software and electronics integration

Technology assessment

Safety-critical architectures

Medical signal processing

Medical image processing

Medical algorithm design

Artificial intelligence

Dynamic control systems

Technical due diligence

Complete product development

From low cost, disposable inhalers to complex diagnostic systems, our approach to developing successful, reliable and innovative devices is second to none.

Our expertise spans all of the disciplines necessary for complete device development. Coupled with our 100% medical focus, this enables us to translate complex science and technologies into innovative, commercially viable medical devices that satisfy regulatory requirements and meet user needs.

Engineering driven by:


Nothing is left to chance. We employ rigorous processes diligently and manage risk throughout.


Our engineers are experienced in creating and optimising reliable, high-performance devices.


Helping our clients to overcome their challenges and constraints requires innovative approaches.

Applying the right balance for the right project:


To solve a problem you really have to understand it. Using engineering tools such as math modelling, sensitivity analysis, tolerance analysis, FEA and CFD, we build theoretical descriptions of a device, its functions and its design limits.


We use physical models, rapid prototypes and pilot devices to inform, challenge, develop and verify design decisions. We conduct engineering investigations such as characterisation, robustness and overstress testing, through to formal design verification and release testing.


Engineered for manufacture

From low volume production for high value systems, through small scale batch manufacture for research purposes, to ultra-high volume disposable devices, our engineers identify the best manufacturing solution for our clients’ products.

Working closely with the world’s best toolmakers, assembly equipment suppliers and device manufacturers we design products that can be produced efficiently and reliably from highly capable processes. We engineer device solutions that are as tolerant of manufacturing variability as possible, and which can be manufactured and assembled at the necessary production volumes and costs.