Our engineers will help you solve complex mechanical, electronics or software challenges to deliver creative and robust medical devices.

An optimal range of skills for development:


Our knowledge helps us to develop robust and capable medical devices using rigorously tested methods.

Electronics & software

An extensive track record of device and system design enable us to develop active devices and embedded software.


Specialist knowledge helps us to develop high value-added, high integrity systems for medical products.

Truly multi-disciplinary engineering

Complete product development

Whether it is a disposable inhaler or a complex medical system, our approach to developing successful, reliable and innovative devices is unequaled.

Our expertise in all of the disciplines necessary for complete product development enables us to translate complex science into medical devices that can satisfy regulatory requirements and be manufactured in high volume.

Engineering driven by:


Nothing is left to chance. We employ capable processes and manage risk throughout.


Our engineers are experienced in creating suitable, effective and reliable devices.


Helping our clients to overcome their challenges requires innovative approaches.

Applying the right outlook for the right project:


To solve a problem you really have to understand it. Using engineering analysis tools such as math modelling, sensitive analysis, CFD or tolerance analysis, we build the numerical description of a device, its functions and its limits.


We use physical models and prototypes to review, challenge, develop and verify design decisions. We conduct informal investigations such as robustness and overstress testing, through to formal design verification and release testing.


Ready for manufacture

Whether it is small scale manufacture for clinical trials, high-tech manufacture or high-volume manufacture, our engineers think about how to make it from the outset.

We design products that make use of medical grade materials, colours and finishes and we develop mechanisms or electronic products that are straight-forward in terms of assembly. We stringently analyse and then test components to ensure that we understand and manage tolerances

Our capabilities


Development of proof-of-principle prototypes


Mechanism development

Mathematical analysis and CFD

Knowledge of medical-grade materials

Rapid prototyping

Analytical testing

Tolerance analysis and mould flow modelling

Development and commissioning of tooling

Manufacturing processes

Electronics & software

System specification and architecture definition

Embedded medical device software development in assembler, C and high level languages

Smartphone, tablet and PC application development

Wireless medical device connectivity

High-speed digital and analogue circuit design and simulation

Low-power battery powered electronics and software for hand-held medical devices

Programmable logic design

Schematic capture and circuit board design


Integrating multiple technologies and systems into one coherent product

Safety-critical architectures

Fluid-handling sensors and actuators


Human interfaces

Disposables and retained units

Closed-loop control systems