Online meetings and conference calls

To ensure you have a good meeting experience, we kindly ask you to read and understand the steps below

At Team Consulting, we use Microsoft Teams to conduct online meetings and conference calls. You do not need to have the software installed on your computer to join a conference call. Please take a look at the information below to help familiarise yourself with how to join us on a call.

If you already use Microsoft Teams:

1. In your calendar invitation, open the invite and click the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link.

2. Choose ‘Join Now‘ and you will join the meeting on mute.

3. Alternatively, you can select Phone Audio, enter your phone number and the system will phone you and drop you into the meeting.

Please let us know if you would like to work more collaboratively and have access to chat and documents in Microsoft Teams.

Access a Microsoft Teams meetings via your web browser:

1. Select the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link, then select ‘Continue on this browser‘ – no download or installation required.

2. Select ‘Allow‘ to let Microsoft Teams use your mic and camera.

3. Select ‘Join Now

Phone into a Microsoft Teams meeting:

1. In your calendar invitation, open the invite and find the UK dial-in number (or click on “Find local number” if you are outside UK).

2. Call the number and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter the Conference ID, which can be found in the meeting invite.

Best practices

  • Before and while attending online meetings, please make sure to follow best practices
  • Test that you can access the meeting (lobby) prior to the meeting itself
  • Always arrive early as you would to any other meeting
  • Test your headset and your microphone prior to a meeting to make sure it is installed.
  • A cabled connection is always better than a Wi-Fi connection. If possible, make sure to use a cabled connection.
  • When in the meeting, always mute your audio by clicking the microphone button especially if you have a lot of background noise where you are.


If you have any difficulties with any of the instructions in this document, please contact our ICT department:

Tel: +44 (0)1799 532700

If you have any further issues accessing the meeting, please contact the meeting arranger (or host) in the first instance.