What underpins our approach to projects?

For us, a successful project is built on:


We form open, honest relationships with our clients and suppliers. This helps us overcome any challenges that crop up during projects and deal with them effectively.


We take the time to understand and manage the complex and interconnected technical and commercial issues that our clients face. Our goal is to provide the right support.


We tailor our approach to client needs. This means being flexible throughout the project, whilst maintaining the structure required by regulators and by our quality systems.

What makes us different?

Deep industry knowledge for a highly regulated sector

From the beginning of a project we think about how we can help our clients successfully navigate the regulatory process.

Many of our systems are risk-based so we can identify potential issues and ensure that we provide the evidence required by regulators.

A dedicated focus on quality, process and systems

Our attention to detail, processes and systems give our clients confidence, and the knowledge that we will deliver the best possible outcome.

We adhere to strict industry standards and the procedures expected by our clients.

Creativity underpinned by effective project management

Our project management team keeps complex projects on track.

With backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, design, engineering and science, our comprehensive knowledge base deliver the right support for every project and every client.

ISO 13485 certified

While we employ our own thorough quality systems we are also used to working with clients’ systems when required. We are regularly audited by a number of our large pharmaceutical clients as part of our on-going working relationships.

Download Team’s ISO certification