Paul Greenhalgh

Paul Greenhalgh
Director of Design

Paul heads up Team’s Design group, working closely with clients and colleagues to improve the user experience of medical devices through design. Paul is a passionate advocate of the importance of ‘good design’ and is involved in all stages of product development from front end innovation to detailed design for manufacture.

“We really care about our clients and what they are trying to achieve. Product development is often unpredictable, throwing up unforeseen challenges along the way. We believe that the adoption of design thinking not only results in great products but helps to overcome many of the challenges that the projects and teams face during the development process.

We’ve set the bar very high for what we want to help our clients achieve and have built a world class team of individuals to help make it a reality. A successful device is one that ticks all the boxes: usability, technical robustness, cost and market appeal. This requires a collaboration between people with different skills and different mind-sets. We have the ‘full set’ here at Team and collaborate to use them to their best advantage. It’s refreshing to work for a company where there is so much respect between the disciplines, which is why I’ve worked here for the last 12 years.”

During his time at Team, Paul has lead the design & project management of many innovative products including inhalers, injectors, surgical instruments, diagnostic platforms, child resistant packaging and consumer medical products. He is particularly focused on ensuring the right direction is set from the outset, that user needs are thoroughly understood and represented throughout. Before joining Team in 2002, Paul earned his stripes working as an in-house designer for several manufacturing companies, gaining a deep knowledge of design for injection moulding and volume manufacture and an ability to ‘see it from the other side’. He has a degree in product design from Central St. Martin’s College in London.


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