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Needle-free drug delivery technology capable of flexible volume delivery with high viscosity formulations

Zogenix, a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products for treating pain and central nervous system (CNS) disorders, have developed and commercialized the DosePro® needle-free drug delivery technology.  DosePro is a prefilled, single-use, disposable needle-free subcutaneous delivery system for self-administration of liquid drug formulations up to 0.5mL in volume, including large molecule and high viscosity formulations. In order to take advantage of the growing demand for treatments using higher-dosage formulations, especially in the delivery of biologics, Zogenix wanted to develop a second generation DosePro system based on the same delivery principles proven by their 0.5mL system and in doing so, demonstrate comparable performance with up to 1.5mL of dose volume.

Team was asked to carry out an overall system, subsystem, component, and preliminary process development through to proof-of-principle based upon completion of a physical laboratory model and its testing. This was undertaken concurrently with initial industrial design and human factors investigations leading to a range of device configurations and handling prototypes.

The underlying DosePro technology instantaneously delivers a fine liquid jet with an initial peak of pressure to penetrate the skin before maintaining a subsequent lower level pressure to deliver the dose subcutaneously, with patient safety, tolerability, and sensation comparable to delivery by a fine gauge needle and syringe. Using our expertise in mechanical engineering, mathematical modelling and fluid dynamics we were able to work with Zogenix to create a novel functional mechanism and replicate the target delivery profile from 0.5mL up to 1.5mL in delivered dose. In doing so we successfully developed further patentable solutions in this area for Zogenix.

A range of device designs were explored which challenged the established means of user interaction. Via early stage human factors analysis methods and industrial design input we were able to create an ergonomic platform device which will be safe and intuitive to use, non-threatening and appealing to patients. It is adaptable for use with the targeted range of delivery volumes with little impact on manufacturing approach or cost.

Based upon the in-vitro work carried out by Team, Zogenix subsequently progressed the remaining development work which leads to final production design and launch.

“Our innovative DosePro® technology is based upon our extensive research and development in needle-free drug delivery. We chose to work closely with Team on our next generation DosePro as they also have considerable knowledge of needle-free drug delivery and auto injector development. They were able to apply their expertise in Industrial Design and Engineering to deliver an important extension to our technology platform, one which will provide sustainable competitive advantage to biopharmaceutical partners for many years to come. Their attention to detail, along with ingenuity and method of working are second to none”

John Turanin, VP & GM, Zogenix Technologies

Zogenix needle free drug delivery

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