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Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research

Judging ergonomics and design

By: Martin Bontoft | 20th November 2015

Martin Bontoft reflects on how he and fellow judges found a winner for the 2015 Ergonomics Design Award.

Paul Greenhalgh

Two days in Boston…

By: Paul Greenhalgh | 19th October 2015

Read about Brennan and Paul’s experience at the 5th Annual PODD, Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery event in Boston, MA.


How confident are patients at using their drug delivery devices?

By: Tom Brooks | 12th October 2015

How confident are patients at using different types of drug delivery devices, such as inhalers, injectors or patches?

Stella Wooder

The unsung hero of medical devices

By: Stella Wooder | 23rd September 2015

Inventor Dr Martin Wright (1912 – 2001) may have contributed more to the health and comfort of patients than many large and well-funded research establishments.

Patient and doctor report 150

A doctor’s perspective: how important is a medical device?

By: Tom Brooks | 27th August 2015

As part of our review into healthcare in the year 2030, we asked doctors how they viewed the importance of the medical devices that they prescribed to patients.