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Charlotte Clark, Senior Consultant

Hot-desking, collisions and the mind-set shift

By: Charlotte Clark | 9th October 2014

Creating collisions between knowledge workers, both inside and outside the workspace, improves performance

Ben Clarke

Shin stories

By: Ben Clarke | 7th October 2014

In the past few months I have been at the mercy of shin splints, and as my neighbouring colleagues, friends and family would…

Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research


By: Martin Bontoft | 29th September 2014

In a way it’s kind of interesting that people who wear insulin pumps should call themselves “pumpers”, after all it’s not the person doing the…

Ben Clarke

The challenges of making technology truly personal

By: Ben Clarke | 26th September 2014

Two weeks ago Apple fans around the world were buzzing with excitement at the news of the release of the long awaited ‘Apple Watch’. And now…

Steve Augustyn

What can we learn from video games?

By: Steve Augustyn | 10th September 2014

I’m part of the first generation to grow up with videogames and I’ve seen the medium evolve from abstract…