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Paul Greenhalgh, Head of Industrial Design

UK health service planning a quality standard for health apps

By: Paul Greenhalgh | 19th November 2014

The UK National Health Service (NHS) is to launch a ‘kitemark’, a quality certification mark, for health-related apps along with number of other…

Chris Hurlstone

Diabetes for a day

By: Chris Hurlstone | 18th November 2014

“What are you doing dad?” asks my 12 year old son over his breakfast. “Injecting myself with insulin – I’ve got type 1 diabetes.” He looks quizzical…

Charlotte Clark, Senior Consultant

Hot-desking, collisions and the mind-set shift

By: Charlotte Clark | 9th October 2014

Creating collisions between knowledge workers, both inside and outside the workspace, improves performance

Ben Clarke

Shin stories

By: Ben Clarke | 7th October 2014

In the past few months I have been at the mercy of shin splints, and as my neighbouring colleagues, friends and family would…

Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research


By: Martin Bontoft | 29th September 2014

In a way it’s kind of interesting that people who wear insulin pumps should call themselves “pumpers”, after all it’s not the person doing the…