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David Harris

A few thoughts on pressure-mapping inhalers… and Flohms

By: David Harris | 4th February 2016

David has explored an idea around the methods of determining the airflow resistance of an inhaler.

Jonathan Bainbridge, Human Factors Consultant

Diabetic dolls

By: Jonathan Bainbridge | 13th January 2016

There is now a type 1 diabetes care kit for dolls after an 11-year-old girl with T1D wanted to play with a doll just like her.


Diabetes for a day: part two

By: Team Consulting | 11th December 2015

Welcome to our sequel of the diabetes for a day challenge. This year it’s back with a vengeance.

Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research

Disruptive innovation

By: Martin Bontoft | 27th November 2015

Martin Bontoft discusses the shift towards a restorative and regenerative focused approach as part of the London Disruptive Innovation Festival.

Jonathan Bainbridge, Human Factors Consultant

The shoe’s on the other foot

By: Jonathan Bainbridge | 23rd November 2015

Jonathan’s recent pneumonia diagnosis means that after all these years in medical device human factors, he is now the user.