Team Blog

David Harris

Intelligent Inhalers

By: David Harris | 9th April 2015

Are smarter inhalers a real possibility? David Harris looks at the barriers and the opportunities.

Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research

Adherence and caring

By: Martin Bontoft | 31st March 2015

Through an interview with a COPD patient, Martin Bontoft looks at the context of the patient’s condition and the very personal barriers to better adherence.

Alex Gilbert, Senior Consultant

Managing complicated drug regimes

By: Alexandra Gilbert | 30th March 2015

Alexandra shares her experiences of a patient with a complicated and changing drug regime.

Stella Wooder

Think about it

By: Stella Wooder | 20th March 2015

Stella explores ‘Brain Awareness Week’, a global initiative to help make us more aware of the success stories, on-going research and progress in brain research…

Jon Jamin

Motorcyclists and emergency healthcare

By: Jon Jamin | 2nd March 2015

Most of us when hearing ‘emergency healthcare’ and ‘motorcyclist’ in the same sentence would assume the worst and expect…