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Stella Wooder

The unsung hero of medical devices

By: Stella Wooder | 23rd September 2015

Inventor Dr Martin Wright (1912 – 2001) may have contributed more to the health and comfort of patients than many large and well-funded research establishments.

Patient and doctor report 150

A doctor’s perspective: how important is a medical device?

By: Tom Brooks | 27th August 2015

As part of our review into healthcare in the year 2030, we asked doctors how they viewed the importance of the medical devices that they prescribed to patients.

Sam Mitchell

Q&A with Sam Mitchell, our design intern

By: Tom Brooks | 7th August 2015

On Sam’s last day, we thought we’d ask him about his experiences over the last 13 months being a design intern at Team.

Sam Mitchell

Questioning the pMDI archetype

By: Sam Mitchell | 28th July 2015

Sam’s internship year in the industrial design department at Team has made him wonder why certain things are the way they are…

Stella Wooder

How the seahorse got its (square) tail

By: Stella Wooder | 20th July 2015

Stella explores some research into seahorses that makes her wonder what can we learn from nature?