Team Blog

Ben Wicks, Head of Critical Care

3D imaging of needle-free injection

By: Ben Wicks | 25th June 2015

Ben shares the results of an ultrahigh resolution microCT scan of a needle free injector.

Tom Grant

Improving the outcomes at the Human Factors and Ergonomics international symposium

By: Tom Grant | 22nd May 2015

Read what Dr Tom Grant thought about the recent HFES 2015 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare.

Steve Augustyn

Engineering students enter the Dragons’ Den

By: Steve Augustyn | 21st May 2015

Steve went back to his old university to judge a competition for current product design engineering students in their healthcare engineering module.

Martin Bontoft, Head of Design Research

Function, beauty and expressiveness

By: Martin Bontoft | 27th April 2015

Martin wonders if artificial limbs need to look beyond function, and think more about beauty and expressiveness.

Peter Matthewson

Inspiring medtech innovation

By: Peter Matthewson | 22nd April 2015

Find out what inspired Peter at the recent Medical Innovations Summit at the Royal School of Medicine in London.