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Barry Brewster

The oldest profession?

By: Barry Brewster | 16th January 2015

Design and design consultancy seem like modern day occupations and something our ancestors would not have had any time for, but I think design can claim…

Stella Wooder

“…and now an urgent SOS message”

By: Stella Wooder | 17th December 2014

Listening to BBC Radio 4 recently, I was reminded of the emergency SOS messages that were occasionally broadcast until the early 90’s…

Toby Capstick

A pharmacist’s view on Team’s survey

By: Toby Capstick | 8th December 2014

We invited UK pharmacist Toby Capstick to share his opinions and thoughts on the results of our survey.

Paul Greenhalgh, Head of Industrial Design

DIY portable black and white boards

By: Paul Greenhalgh | 28th November 2014

Here’s a DIY project we’ve recently done to help our workspaces at Team. It’s proving to be one of the most useful new additions here…

Paul Greenhalgh, Head of Industrial Design

UK health service planning a quality standard for health apps

By: Paul Greenhalgh | 19th November 2014

The UK National Health Service (NHS) is to launch a ‘kitemark’, a quality certification mark, for health-related apps along with number of other…